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  • Functional X-Ray Imaging of the Breast: Moving Beyond Three Dimensions. German Metrology Institute (PTB), Braunschweig, Germany, January 2023.
  • Medical Physics 3.0: Expanding role of Physicists in Imaging: Informatics, Technology, Clinical Practice, and Research. EFOMP School on CT imaging, Prague, Czech Republic, January 2023.
  • Breast Computed Tomography: An Overview. EUSOBI Mammography & beyond Course, Vienna, Austria, February 2023.
  • Avances en mamografía: Tomosíntesis e Inteligencia Artificial. Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell, Montevideo, Uruguay, March 2023.
  • Dosimetria mamaría: El nuevo método de AAPM/EFOMP TG 282. Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell, Montevideo, Uruguay, March 2023.


  • Radiation dose from diagnostic imaging exams: What should we and should we not do with all these numbers? Monthly webinar series, New York Chapter of the Health Physics Society, February 2022.
  • EFOMP/AAPM dose model: What is coming… UK National Health Service Breast Screening Programme annual meeting, March 2022 (virtual).
  • AI for mammography and tomosynthesis: State of the Art. 3rd AiTERS Congress – Italian Association of Senology Radiographers, Rimini, Italy, April 2022.
  • Beyond anatomic imaging: Seeing more with x rays. Duke Center for Virtual Imaging Trials (CVIT) seminar, May 2022.
  • Breast dosimetry: today and tomorrow. 16th IWBI – International Workshop on Breast Imaging, Leuven, Belgium, May 2022.
  • Breast dosimetry. European Congress of Medical Physics, Dublin, Ireland, August 2022.
  • Novel developments in x-ray imaging. European Society of Breast Imaging Annual Scientific Meeting, Malmö, Sweden, September 2022.
  • Introducción a la tomosíntesis. Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell, Montevideo, Uruguay, December 2022.


  • Inteligencia Artificial para Detección del Cáncer en Mamografía y Tomosíntesis. Spanish Society of Medical Physics webinar, January 2021.
  • Breast imaging dosimetry: Present and future. Symposium Mammographicum, Harrogate, England, February 2021 (virtual).
  • Updates and Future Perspectives of Mammography. European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria, March 2021 (virtual).
  • A universal model for breast dosimetry. European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria, March 2021 (virtual).
  • (Ultra) high resolution CT with scintillating detectors. European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria, March 2021 (virtual).
  • DBT in Screening: Approaches to Reduce Reading Time, a Physicist’s perspective. European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria, March 2021 (virtual).
  • DBT in screening: Approaches to reduce reading time. Breast Radiology Innovation Course, Hellenic Society of Breast Radiologists, Athens, Greece, March 2021 (virtual).
  • Breast Density Distribution: new knowledge and its implications. 2nd AITERS National Congress, Italian Association of Technologists in Breast Radiology, Florence, Italy, May 2021 (virtual).
  • Inteligencia Artificial en Imagen de Mama: Posibilidades y Soluciones. 3er Congreso de Inteligencia Artificial en Imágenes Diagnósticas y Aplicaciones en Medicina, Colombian Association of Radiology, Medellin, Colombia, May 2021 (virtual).
  • AI for Breast Cancer Screening in Europe: Possibilities and Current Results. Mind & Machine Virtual Summit, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, June 2021 (virtual).
  • Publishing your medical physics research: Thoughts and tips. Medical Physics: Leadership and Mentoring webinar series, June 2021 (virtual).
  • X-ray tomographic imaging: Past, present, and future….. Research Experiences for Undergraduates/Research Experiences for Teachers, Emory University, Atlanta, USA, July 2021 (virtual).
  • El futuro de la imagen mamaria con rayos x: más y mejor información. LXIV Congreso Nacional de Física de la Sociedad Mexicana de Física, Tijuana, Mexico, October 2021 (virtual).
  • Inteligencia artificial para la detección del cáncer de mama: Donde estamos y adonde podemos ir? Monthly webinar series, Mexican Medical Physics Society, November 2021.


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